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The European Micro Gas Turbine Forum is an initiative launched to foster the commercial deployment of micro gas turbines by setting the scenario where all stake holders have a platform to share knowledge and experience, collaborate and discuss a roadmap to move the technology forward. The main objective is thus to make fast progress that would otherwise not be possible under business as usual scenario.

The Forum will be supported on three pillars:

  • Advisory Board: comprising high level representatives of leading companies and academic institutions who will help to articulate the overarching aspects  of the micro gas turbine roadmap.


  • Micro gas turbine roadmap: an ambitious four-year plan starting 2017 and ending 2020 with clearly identified milestones that will be monitored at each meeting of the Forum.

  • Annual meeting: will include presentations covering all aspects of the technology including design and performance, integration with application systems, economics, policy-related aspects and intellectual property sharing. In addition, selected papers from submissions on related case studies will be presented. The successful accomplishment of the declared milestones will be evaluated in a dedicated session of each meeting.

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