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4th European Micro Gas Turbine Forum
11-12 October   Brussels, Belgium

The European Micro Gas Turbine Forum is an initiative launched to foster the
commercial deployment of micro gas turbines by setting the scenario where all stake
holders have a platform to share knowledge and experience, collaborate, and discuss
a roadmap to move the technology forward.
Registration now open via this link


During this Symposium we aim to gather and share
invaluable experiences, particularly since the
pandemic. Keynote speeches:
• Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of Pure World Energy, UK:
Micro-Turbines’ Role on the Path to Net Zero
Hans Korteweg, MD of COGEN Europe, Belgium:
Micro-CHP and the European Green Deal
Leading on to a discussion by a panel formed by our
keynote speakers as well as:
• Willy Ahout, CEO of Micro Turbine Technology
(MTT), The Netherlands
• Tony Hynes, CEO of Aurelia Turbines, Finland
• Michel Delanaye, CEO of Mitis, Belgium


Prof. Abdulnaser Sayma (Co-founder)
Professor of Energy Engineering

Prof. David Sanchez (Co-founder)
Professor of Energy Systems & Turbomachinery

Dr Jafar Al-Zaili
Lecturer in Power and Propulsion

Dr Tala El Samad
Lecturer in Thermo-Fluids for Energy Systems


This year, we will be hosting the final scientific
event of the “Next Generation of Micro Gas
Turbines for High Efficiency, Low Emissions and
Fuel Flexibility” NextMGT project
which is
funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under Marie
Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement No 861079.

15 Early-Stage Researchers will present project
results and plans in a Pan-European Perspective
on the second full day.


The fourth iteration of the meeting will be
hosted at Tangla hotel, Avenue E. Mounier 5,
Brussels 1200, Belgium. The hotel is ideally
situated close to Brussels International Airport.

The EMGTF meeting will take place after the
11th International Gas Turbine Conference
(IGTC) organised by ETN Global.

EMGTF2023_Draft schedule-2.png
EMGTF2023_Draft schedule-3.png
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